Start a new Website with PageFabric

To create a new Website with PageFabric, follow those steps:

Click the New button on top left corner of the main window, or press Ctrl+N .

General tab

This tab lets you provide general details about your Website.

  • Site name (not visible) : is a name just for you, it will be visible on the application start screen  (and File button)
  • Public name (visible) : is the public name of your Website, for example your company name
  • Base URL : the address of your Website when it is published, it will be used for sitemap generation
  • Folder : the place on your computer where files will be stored

Appearance tab

Colors tab

The Colors section lets you select the palette you want to use in addition to your global appearance. 

Select a palette in the Pre-defined tab or go to Advanced to set your own color hex codes.

Languages tab

Here you can select the languages displayed on your website.

Meta tags tab

You can add common meta tags on all your pages.

Other settings tab

Here you can set several other settings, such as the Google Analytics tag ID.

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