Help and training for PageFabric

Quick start

Discover UI

Discover how PageFabric works.

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Create a new site

Start creating a new site with PageFabric.

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Learn shortcuts

Use PageFabric like a pro with those shortcuts.

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Our visual themes

Discover your new visual style.

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Create faster

Magic Fill

Create your prototypes and layouts faster by creating just one element and duplicating it by drag and drop to fill the container.

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Mosaic Shuffle

Create beautiful image and color mosaics in a simple click.

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Shared parts

Create your custom parts once. Use them across multiple pages. Modifications will be reflected on all pages.

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Working with Parts


Showcase your content with cards.

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Create beautiful mosaics to make your website more modern.

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Add images to your pages to make more visual content for your visitors.

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Add videos to create more dynamic web pages.

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Navigation menus

Add reusable menus to all your pages.

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Data tables

Add data in tables adaptable to all screens.

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Get even more with our feature packs

SEO Pack

This Pack will add features to help you improve your SEO.

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Design Pack

This Pack will add new features to help you create faster and easier.

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