The UI of PageFabric


The UI is separated in different areas:

  • The ribbon : like in Microsoft Office, it contains all common actions you may want to do with active content.
    When you select an element in your pages, some contextual tabs may appear to give you more options.
  • The website content : on left side, it shows all your web site pages and folders. Double click on a page to open it in the editor.
  • The parts collection : on left side, under the site content tree. It shows all the visual elements that you can drag and drop on your page. Some of them work together (like Containers > Cards container , which can contain cards from the Cards section)
  • The visual designer : in the middle. This is where you can edit your pages. When you select an element, some toolbars may appear to give you more contextual options.
  • Styles, layout, page properties : on the right side. This is where you can control the rendering options relative to the selected elements in the visual designer.
  • The status bar : on the bottom. It contains several options for previewing your website, such as the current language, the visual designer options and the size of the designer to make sure it renders well on every device.
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