Using Mosaic layouts in PageFabric

Mosaics are a elegant way to mix images, colors and text. Contrary to the Cards containers , you can specify each Tile width. There is no space between Tiles. When viewed on a mobile device, all Tiles will have the same size and will be stacked vertically.

Using Mosaic container

Using Mosaic tiles

Mosaic tiles is a floating tile that you must use in a Mosaic container . You can set width (in percent) of each tile to fill the Mosaic container , as long as you respect that each line represents 100% of parent width.

Here are some examples for combinations: 

  • 25%, 25%, 50%
  • 33%, 33%, 33%
  • 25%, 50%, 25%

For a more modern result, you can mix tiles with just a background color, an image, or a punchline with a call to action button.

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