Shortcuts in PageFabric

This page lists all the shortcuts in PageFabric.


Feature Keys
Create a new site Ctrl+N
Open an existing website Ctrl+O
Save the current page Ctrl+S
Undo last action Ctrl+Z
Redo last undone action Ctrl+Y
Open online help F1
Go to global search box F3
Rename a file in the website explorer panel F2
Switch active tab in workspace Ctrl+Tab

UI panels

Feature Keys
Show the site explorer panel Alt+D
Show the current element style panel Alt+S
Show the current element properties panel Alt+I
Show the page properties panel Alt+K
Show the page feedbacks panel Alt+F
Show the page notes panel Alt+N

Working with parts in visual editor

Feature Keys
Toggle Design mode F11
Select parent element Ctrl+M
Cut selected element Ctrl+X
Copy selected element Ctrl+C
Paste under the selection Ctrl+V
Remove selected element Delete
Move selected element up in the tree Ctrl+Arrow up
Move selected element down in the tree Ctrl+Arrow down
Move selected element at the first place in its parent Ctrl+Page up
Move selected element at the last place in its parent Ctrl+Page down

Working with text

Feature Keys
Show the Find text dialog for the current page Ctrl+F
Cut selected text Ctrl+X
Copy selected text Ctrl+C
Paste at the caret position (without format) Ctrl+V
Toggle Bold format on selection Ctrl+B
Toggle Italic format on selection Ctrl+I
Toggle Underline format on selection Ctrl+U
Select all text in current editable area Ctrl+A
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